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DaMiC 2012

The 2012 International Workshop on Data Analytics and Mining in the Cloud
The Workshop intends to provide an opportunity to researchers and practitioners to present and discuss current research directions and open issues in adopting Data Mining and Predictive Analytics in Cloud Computing environments.

Important dates:
The synergy between the two research areas of Data Mining and Cloud Computing can be observed from three main perspectives. First, Cloud Computing provides a scalable and cost effective business model for computational intensive tasks and is more often being considered as an alternative to dedicated computing infrastructures in both academia and industry. Second, Data Mining can be adopted to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the characterization, management and control of Cloud resources. Third, new application models and community efforts are expected to spawn from Cloud Computing as a distributed platform, regardless if public, community, hybrid or private, for the collaborative sharing of data and knowledge. In this scenario data analysts ought to play a fundamental role in defining standards and developing tools seamlessly integrated in Cloud environments. The complexity of numerous social, biological and communication systems is driving many researchers towards the adoption of Data Mining approaches. The integration of these approaches into Cloud Computing is so far based on ad-hoc solutions. Cloud Computing can facilitate the adoption of complex workflows in a wide range of application domains. Cloud Computing and, more specifically, the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model provides the opportunity for a paradigm shift towards a competitive evolution of data mining workflows.
The Workshop intends to facilitate the exchange of ideas between two main research communities, Cloud Computing and Data Mining. The workshop also intends to attract scientists from other disciplines like Mathematics, Biology, Neuroscience, etc., which ultimately benefit from mining their data in the Cloud.

Paper submissions and proceedings:
This workshop will only accept for review original papers that have not been previously published. Papers should be formatted based on the IEEE Transactions journals and conferences style; maximum allowed camera-ready paper length is six (6) pages. Submissions must be in Adobe PDF format, including text, figures and references. Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE Cloudom2011 proceedings, for further information see the IEEE CloudCom 2012 paper submissions web page.